All by Myself: The Eartha Kitt Story

1h 27m 1982


"I don't know why the gods chose me to be in this business but there must have been a reason and I'm still enjoying it so tremendously," says Eartha Kitt in this intimate and eye-opening portrait. Filmed in 1982 at the singer's remote home and multiple live performances, All by Myself: The Eartha Kitt Story is a deeply moving and personal account of the iconic star's life and career. Known worldwide for her raspy, sultry voice and theatrical performance style, Eartha delivers nothing less in her conversations and social outings. Accompanied by her daughter Kitt, we first see Eartha attend and perform at President Reagan's Inaugural Ball, where she joyously greets friends and fans. Her strong, independent manner portrays a woman who has lived and loved for herself, her music and her child. Throughout the film Eartha is shown in many forms, as a performer, mother, poet, teacher and so on, showing the viewer that what the public knows of Kitt is just the beginning of her story.

Director: Christian Blackwood

Genres: Documentary

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