Asking Alexandria: Through Sin and Self-Destruction



Debauchery, over-indulgence and an unapologetic disregard for safety; welcome to the world of the British hard rock sensation ASKING ALEXANDRIA. With their critically acclaimed sophomore album "Reckless & Relentless" debuting at #9 on The Billboard Top 10, they have dominated the landscape of heavy music with their unforgettable live show and iconic personas. The new, shocking short film "Through Sin and Self-Destruction" is a controversial, uncensored look into the real lives of a new era of rockstars for today's generation as they take over the Sunset Strip. The first but not last collaboration between writer Ash Avildsen and director Frankie Nasso, together they take you on an ambitious visual endeavor that hasn't been strived for in rock since the legendary Guns N' Roses trilogy. The film is comprised of three music videos for the songs "Reckless & Relentless," "To The Stage" and "Dear Insanity." Guest appearances are made by Belladonna, Andy San Dimas, Sebastian Bach and more. ...

Director: Frank Nasso

Genres: Music, Short


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