Journey in Sensuality: Anna Halprin and Rodin

58m 2016


Devastated by the images of the war in Iraq and pervasive violence in the world, Anna Halprin visits the Rodin Museum in Paris during a major retrospective of her career. In Rodin's sculptures she finds solace and is so deeply moved that she decides to use Rodin's sculptures and her art as an expression of hope for life and humanity. Working off of the master's sculptures, she directs her Sea Ranch Collective to create stunning, sensual, nude dances on the beaches and in the forests of California. Compelling images, insightful commentary, and Fred Frith's brilliant score, come together in a poetic portrait that captures the essence of Anna Halprin's artistic process, her keen kinesthetic sense, affinity with Rodin, and her collective's deep connection to nature - closing with a spectacular dance in California's redwood forests.

Director: Ruedi Gerber

Genres: Biography, Documentary


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