My Sister, the Pig Lady

1h 43m 2015


In a seaside village, where all the young men have left for the city, three young women, Jae-hwa, Yoo-ja, and Mi-ja, hope to catch the eye of Joon-seob, the only eligible bachelor left in town. Jae-hwa has plans to make her family prosperous by raising pigs, but it's more difficult than she imagines: the pigs keep wandering away. A rumour spreads that her mother is having an affair, though it doesn't bother her father, who is always drunk, or her younger brother, who keeps getting into fights. Joon-seob, who has stood by Jae-hwa despite her family's stream of misfortunes finally deepens the relationship, and they begin dating. But Yoo-ja and Mi-ja won't give up. They begin to scheme...

Director: Moon-il Jang

Genres: Comedy

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