Roy Lichtenstein

53m 1975


In the beginning stages of Roy Lichtenstein's career, the artist found himself saddled with side jobs that utilized his creative energy. In the gaps of time between his personal projects, Lichtenstein worked on window displays, sheet metal designs and architectural sketches. It is not hard to forge a connection between Lichtenstein's work experience and his own artwork. When watching the artist map out his creations one can feel these past experiences seeping onto the paper, notably in his precision and line work. Lichtenstein is methodical in sketching out his concepts, stating that most of his thinking "occurs on the drawings". To watch the development of Lichtenstein's pieces is to understand the delicacy and design that goes into each one. While the artist may feel like a staple of the pop art movement, Lichtenstein is hesitant to box himself into one genre and his work showcases a broad scope of styles ranging from abstract paintings to expressionistic cubism. Lichtenstein's most...

Director: Michael Blackwood

Genres: Documentary

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