The Lying Truth

1h 45m 2011


Tony Hall aka Sik Wid It was rising as one of Hip Hops hottest young rappers but he had no idea his rise to stardom would take a drastic pause due to the accusation of rape from one of the finest video vixens in the game. Daysha Jordan only wanted to dance and make money while enjoying the lime life of the hip hop world, or so she claimed. Casted as the lead girl in Sik Wid Its' new music video she had no idea that her love for dancing would result in a nightmare of drama. Sik Wid It is adamant that the claim of rape is completely false and that Daysha is a lying Gold Digger trying to get his money. Daysha his hurt that people don't believe her when she says she was raped. The very famous and arrogant lawyer brought on to handle the case has no doubt that he will unravel the mystery of who's lying and who's telling the truth, however, he is unaware of the danger unveiling the truth presents as the truth will ultimately destroy one of their careers and both Daysha and Sik have friends ...


Genres: Drama

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