Zombie Bankers

1h 34m 2010


ZOMBIE BANKERS is a quirky black comedy that examines the predatory lending practices of the US banking system. As the film opens, Carson Drew is feeding his bloodhound Rosie carrots and baby food while he watches the nightly news and listens to the story about a 91 year old woman who shot herself while the sheriff's department was evicting her from her home. A foreclosure contractor working for the local bank rings his doorbell and hands him an eviction notice only to return within seconds as a Zombie. Carson Drew is forced to make a decision between good and evil. He chooses to fight the Zombie Banks and so the film begins. Carson's journey leads him on an odyssey and introduces him to two more citizen zombie hunters. Claire is a college student who cannot continue her education because of bad credit card debt and John has been dishonorably discharged from the army for having PTSD after serving two tours in Iraq.Our gang of three set out to take the fight to the Zombie Bankers with ...

Director: Drew Snyder

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Horror

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